Hole In The Wall




"Fresh Off The Boat"の父親役、"The Interview"の金正恩だったのか〜!言われてみればそのとおりだ。

それにしてもKorean-Americanな彼、"Fresh Off The Boat"の役をもらった時あまり自信がなかったそう、アメリカンドリームを信じる台湾人移民、という役柄に適役かどうか迷っていたらしい。

"I really felt like, this is a very important show," he says. "This is historical. I don't think I should be the one to play this father. I felt uncomfortable with it." 


"And he basically said, 'Look, I'll support you in whatever you want to do, but I really think you're the one for this part.' And that really meant so much to me, because, you know, here I'm playing a version of this guy's dad. And to get his approval and his thumbs-up really made me feel like, OK, maybe it's OK."