Hole In The Wall



それは今日の三本ローラー中聴いていた、"Wait, wait, don't tell me"。今まではこの時間帯、Car Talkだったけれど、click clackの片方が亡くなってしまったせいか打ち切り。このクイズ番組を繰り上げて放送するようになった。

この"Wait, wait, don't tell me"、いわゆる時事クイズ番組。どんな爺さんたちが聴くんだろうと思ってたけど、聴いてみると意外と面白い。自分もジジイってことだなw。

で、はじめの方でこんな件が。いわゆるインディアナの"Religious Freedom Restration Act"に関するものだけど、その知事のrebuttalでやたらインディアナ州民を"Hoosiers"と呼ぶことについて。Hoosierは知ってたけど、自ら名乗るのは変じゃない?というもの。

PESCA: The other thing - so the other thing that Pence did, he used the word Hoosiers a lot, if you notice that in his press conference. It was the - 13 times he said things like Hoosiers, Hoosiers are a loving, kind and decent and tolerant people. And I just think it would be cool if governors from other states use this gambit, right. Like the governor of Oregon saying we know that we beavers don't discriminate.


PESCA: Beavers are a kind, hospitable sort. A beaver baker would never refuse to serve who choose to live an alternative beaver style.


PESCA: Beaver.

POUNDSTONE: Exactly or California - we idiots.


O'ROURKE: We are tolerant idiots.

POUNDSTONE: We're tolerant idiots.

FELBER: Idiots are kind people.

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