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= ウィンカー。


日本では、ウインカーまたはウィンカー通称される。方向指示器を指すイギリス英語の口語的表現 winker (原義「点滅するもの」)からの音訳である(2016年9月現在、本国イギリスでこの名で呼ばれることは稀)。

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winker (plural winkers)

  1. screen attached to the bridle of a horse or other domesticated animal preventing it from being able to see things to its side. quotations ▼
  2. Somebody who winks; somebody who connivesquotations ▼
  3. (Britain, colloquial) An eye.[1] quotations ▼
  4. (US, colloquial) An eyelash.[2] quotations ▼
  5. The winking membrane of a bird's eye; the winking musclequotations ▼
  6. A small bellows in an organ, regulated by a spring, controlling variations of wind pressure. 


Winker on a horse in Chania, Crete

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Simon Fletchersays: March 14, 2014 11:59 am

You want to get even more confusing? These words have regional variations within the UK itself. In the north-west of England, where I am originally from, an indicator is a “winker”, a convertible is a “soft-top” and the brakes are called the “anchors”….

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