Hole In The Wall




No, not that ice I need.




There is a Samsung TSB(technical service bulletin) regarding this. First, you’ll need to perform a “FORCE DEFROST” by pressing and holding the freezer button(top left) AND the lighting button(2nd button down on right) for about 10-12 seconds and you’ll hear a beep. Then, you’ll press any button until the display reads “FD”(FORCE DEFROST). The fridge will beep continuously throughout the whole process, which takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes.

 この隠しコマンド、Technical Service Bulletinにはしっかり記載されたもの。どうしてこういうのを公開しないかなぁ。「自動霜取り」じゃないじゃないか!とか文句が来るのを避けるためかもだけれど、そんなことより公開しない事のほうがよっぽど反感買うと思うけど。

Replaced water filter