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KQEDのBayCuriousのメールで知ったんだけど、KQEDに元記事が載ってないみたいなんで、Carquinez Bridgeから見えるらしいこのサイン。これに関して。


CROCKETT —  For more than a century, boats and later cargo ships from Hawaii laden with raw cane sugar sailed into the Carquinez Strait to the C&H sugar refinery here, once the largest in the world. Television screens in the 1960s through the ’80s regularly featured the iconic C&H jingle as Hawaiian children chewed on sugar cane and danced the hula.

But as sugar prices dropped globally and labor costs increased, Hawaii’s sugar mills have closed one by one.

Last week, the Moku Pahu, carrying 30,000 tons of sugar in her hull and a crew of 15, tied up at the Crockett refinery for the last time. 

C&H: Last Hawaiian sugar ship bids historic farewell


 100年もの間、ハワイのサトウキビ農家の協同組合としてケーンシュガーを精製。Crockettの町は住民の大多数がここで働く、工場と一体化した"Company Town"だったらしい。しかし砂糖の価格暴落とハワイでのコスト増大で徐々に斜陽に。2017に最後の船がサトウキビを運んでハワイとは縁が切れてしまったんだそう。


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