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La PanotiQ


French-inspired bakery-cafes have been a popular addition to nearly every SF neighborhood over the past few years, and this year, a fledgling chain of them is planning to aggressively expand across the Bay Area. La PanotiQ is the brainchild of the Guterman family: father Mikhail and his wife Natalya are the founders and proprietors, while their daughter Maria serves as CEO.


New Bakery-Cafe Chain La PanotiQ to Sweep Bay Area - Coming Attractions - Eater SF 

 それも第一号店は近所のキャンベルに。さらにそこに入るコーヒーはオークランドのBicycle Coffee!

 さすがにオークランドからここまで自転車で配達に来るわけじゃないと思うけれど、近所でBicycle Coffeeの豆が入手できるようになるのは嬉しい。