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Purdie Shuffle

Bernard Purdie、好きなドラマーの一人。Purdie Shuffleは知ってたけど、それの解説がNPRで。10年ぶりぐらいにアルバム出したらしい。

"It's a two-bar phrase," Purdie explains. "It's controlled rebound — that's the key. It all came about from the locomotion of the railroad tracks, because I lived next door to the trains that were going to Washington, to Baltimore, when I was a child — 7 and 8 years old."




変顔w。でもこれってPurdie Shuffleに似てるよなぁと思って調べたら、

The drum pattern is known as a "half-time shuffle", and shows "definite jazz influence",[7] featuring ghost notes and derived from the combination of the Purdie shuffle and the Bo Diddley beat. The Purdie shuffle can be prominently heard on Steely Dan's track "Home At Last" from Aja, which Jeff Porcaro cited as an influence.[8]

Rosanna (song) - Wikipedia

"Purdie Shuffle"に影響されたのは当たってたけど、ジョン・ボーナム!? という事で参照先を見たら、Jeff Porcaro本人が"Rosanna Shuffle"の解説してた。

これによればRosanna Shuffleは、

Bernard PurdieSteely Danのバックで鳴らしたこの2曲と、

Led Zeppelinのこれから盗んだ、と告白w。