Hole In The Wall


今日の英語:for the birds

= くだらない、ばかげてる。「鳥のために」じゃないよ。



In fact, one of the reasons she doesn’t think she needs to tip is because she believes everyone else tips enough to make up for it. “They’re making $5 off of me and the next person they’ll get like $25, $30, and that’s all going to their pocket, so what’s the difference?” she says. “I’d rather spend that money on other things.”


A recent report from CreditCards.com supports the idea that bad tipping correlates with lower incomes. It claims that millennials are the worst generation of tippers (with 10 percent of millennials surveyed admitting to not tipping restaurant servers at all) and theorizes that adults under 37 have less money than older people and therefore tip less. But voluntary, informed bad tippers like Sam can afford to tip — they just don’t. For the birds. 

とある研究だと、チップをケチるのは低所得層と関連がある。特にミレニアル世代はひどく、その10%は全くチップを払わない、という報告も。 まあでもカネがないんじゃしょうがない。ただし、前例のような金銭的余裕がある確信犯はホントアフォだ。