Hole In The Wall



= ドン引き。


They said more than 800 students were absent during the Ohio state test last year and fear a third consecutive failing grade could lead to a state takeover of the district.

The goal was to encourage more students to show up and be ready for those tests, said Brian Lorenzen, WTOL general manager.


  • Slay: To greatly impress. 
  • Yeet: An expression of excitement.
  • Gucci: Good, chill, cool or awesome.
  • Stay woke: Being aware of your surroundings and things going on, with a particular focus on social injustices.
  • On fleek: Flawlessly styled or looking great.
  • Goals: The object of a person's ambition or effort.
  • Turnt: Excited or energized.
  • Lit: When something is turned up. 
  • Okurr: A way of saying "OK" while adding sass and/or humor. Famously used by rapper Cardi B.
  • V: Short for very.