Hole In The Wall




A woman who struck and killed a Santa Maria bicyclist last summer when she became distracted while driving has been sentenced to probation and community service after pleading guilty to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

Guilty plea over son’s death brings little relief for family

事件自体はUC Berkeleyの学生が自転車走行中、高校時代の同級生の乗る車に後ろから追突されて死亡。事故の原因は明らかな前方不注意で、少なくとも550フィート(167メートル)の間道路に注意を払ってなかったため。裁判で罪状(3年の保護観察&100時間の社会奉仕)を認めたため結審したんだけれど、最後まで遺族の知りたかった「なぜ前方不注意だったのか?」という理由を明かさなかったため*1に、息子の事故を不注意ドライバーを減らすために活かしたい遺族には納得が行かなかった、というものなのだけれど、目を引いたのはdiscussion欄にあったこのコメント:

katelynsupport said on: March 2, 2010, 5:16 pm
Tcamaro - thank you for seeing the Okerblom's for what they are. Revengeful, hateful and not Christian. Fact of the matter is they are Athetist and had all mention of Christ taken from Eric's funeral service inspite of holding it in a Catholic Church. The Okerblom family and those who support their position need to look inside themselves, The Edwards family needs support of the entire community. One would think this tragedy would bring Christ into their lives, their actions show that they have not been that fortunate. God Bless the Edwards and those who support them.

katelynsupport said on: March 2, 2010, 4:32 pm
you should all be ashamed of yourselves especially the Okerbloms. How do any of you know how Katelyn feels or how you would react in her shoes. She is a YOUNG lady who has been through a terrible ACCIDENT, nothing more. How is she supposed to tell was distracted her when nothing distracted her other than a biker in her path. According the article it was an unavoidable accident. Could easily have been reversed. Why distroy another young life? I believe the Okerbloms need to go on with their athetist lives. If they believed in Christ, they would know Eric was in a better place. Without God, they can't accept his passing. Please leave Katelyn and her family alone, they are grieving, ALL of them!! They are a wonderful family and don't deserve being dragged through the media as villians. Katelyn deserves forgiveness, if the Okerblom's had God in their lives, they would understand this. Katelyn there are many more people in support of you than believe in the Okerbloms view. We love you, please have peace.