Hole In The Wall


AT&T Retention

久々このカテゴリ登場。最近頻繁にとあるtoll free numberからかかってくる電話。Caller IDに表示されるのは知らない番号なんで放っておくと留守電には何も残さない。奥がネットでその番号を探した結果がこれ:

Multiple calls from "Toll Free Call" over the last several months. Rings three times and then stops, leaving no message. I finally called the number, and it's AT&T Sales. A pleasant lady answered, and I asked if I could be put on a do not call list. She said she would do that but it might take some time. We'll see.

I used to be an AT&T customer for years, and they rarely called me. I recently switched over to a local phone company, Sonic.net, for both phone & internet service (better service at a much cheaper price.) Since then I have been bombarded with AT&T calls, up to three a day, trying to get me back as a customer.

I don't think so.

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