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In an effort to help you train smarter and track your nutrition, we’ve made it easy to sync your Strava account with MyFitnessPal.

Train Smart, Track Your Nutrition with MyFitnessPal | Strava

Getting ready for fall marathons and century rides starts now! If you’re planning to participate you’ve likely picked your training plan and set your goal—now it’s just a matter of making sure you’re ready for the serious workouts ahead. MyFitnessPal and our newest partner Strava are here to help! 

Attn: Everyday Athletes, Weekend Warriors & Race Mavens! Strava Synchs with MyFitnessPal! | Hello Healthy

 早速連携。ただ、三本ローラーはいつもStationary TrainerでStravaにアップロードしてるんだけどそのカロリーが何故かゼロ。まあそのうち直ることを期待。