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A majority of board members said they supported changing the name, but that the process seemed rushed and needed more community input

School Board Rejects Dixie Name Change but May Revisit Issue - NBC Bay Area

んで、前書いた時はディキシーランド・ジャズやWinn-Dixieを思い出したけど、今日はなぜかDixie Highway。これ、フロリダのボカラトン時代を思い出すんだよね。ちなみにこんな道路網。


Dixie Highway - Wikipedia


で思い出すのがやっぱりWeather Reportの"Barbary Coast"って前も書いたな。


"Barbary Coast" opens with the sound of a train roaring along a railroad track, its horn blasts fading into the distance. This sound is much more than atmospheric filter; it resonates with deep meaning for anyone who grew up in Fort Lauderdale near the tracks that run alongside Dixie Highway. As a kid, Jaco would oftern wander along those tracks for miles, dreaming of places he might visit one day. (Those same tracks run past the Kalis Funeral Home in Fort Lauderdale, the site of Jaco's wake on September 24, 1987.)


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