Hole In The Wall



= 非犯罪化する。



GREENE: But the more progressive Democratic candidates we heard from, I mean, what would they do instead if they were president?

ROSE: Well, that is where we've seen a real split between the progressives and the moderates in this Democratic field. The progressives on the stage that we've seen both nights want to decriminalize border crossings so that it is still illegal but it's just a civil offense, not criminal. Julian Castro, most famously, also Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, have all signed on to this idea. They say that the country could still have border security and immigration courts like we do now - immigration courts are civil proceedings - but without criminalizing the migrants and the asylum-seekers who are coming here and fleeing from violence.

The moderates say there's a better way to get rid of family separation, and that is simply to get rid of President Trump. The moderates worry that decriminalizing border crossings would encourage more migrants to come, and I think they're worried about the political optics of this, as well, right? President Trump already says frequently that Democrats are for, quote, "open borders," which Democrats deny. But I don't think they want to give more oxygen to that line of attack.



  • 急進派(progressives)は違法な越境を「犯罪」とせず(decriminalize)、民事として扱うことで「違法」だけれど逮捕・親子隔離、という事態を避けられる事を標榜。
  • 穏健派(moderates)はトランプに勝つことでこの事態回避。"decriminalize"は余計に不法移民を呼ぶ、トランプの言うところの"open border"になりかねないから。


JULIAN CASTRO: First of all, Mr. Vice President, it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't.