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Scoring was easier with cooler temp Scoring was easier with cooler temp


No improvement on the crumb No improvement on the crumb


  • 言わずと知れたshaping。表面の張力を出すのがヘタ。
  • グルテンの強化不足。

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FOLDING: His procedure of turning the dough by simply grabbing from the bottom and bringing it up two or three times  DID NOT seem to work for me. Each loaf that I baked prior to this seemed to suffer from a lack of gluten development, but even when I incorporated extra turns in this fashion, I wouldn't get nearly the results I would with a lower hydration dough. In the bakery where I work, I instruct the staff to fold our doughs the "Hamelman" way (referring to it that way only because that's where I had read of the technique) which is to fold the dough into a package (flip dough over, fold left side to center, right side to center, top to center, bottom to center, then flip back onto seam). The folds I used are actually much more similar to what Robertson uses as his preshape and final shaping methods. It seems that both Robertson and Hamelman have the same goal, which is to stretch the gluten in a uniform & organized fashion with the eventual surface of the bread in mind, but my opinion is that Robertson's initial folding (as described by words & pics) was much less effective... for me!

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次回はこの"Hamelman"方式のstretch & foldをやってみようと思う。 でも次回はCommunity Grainsの全粒粉試したいしなぁ。様子が違うかも。それともやはりBread Flourで地道にやるべきかな、迷うところ。