Hole In The Wall


Razor Blade


どうしてもスパッと行かず、途中で引っかかる。これはスコア用ナイフがなまくらになってるんじゃないいか、と道具のせいにしたくなるんだよな。そんな中Josey Bakerのこんな記事発見。

9. Razor blade
Right before you load your unbaked loaf into the oven, you perform a final swift act of violence: slashing it with a razor. If done well, with grace and confidence, this cut allows your loaf to puff to its full potential while in the oven. Your slash will make for a beautiful finished loaf, while also providing a variety of flavors and textures that wouldn’t otherwise come to be without your handiwork. Double-edged razors are much sharper than their single-edged brethren, so get those -- and be careful! (You can make a little handle for it out of a wooden coffee stirrer.)