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True inspiration comes from humble ingredients


In a loaf of Sonoma sourdough there's freshly-milled flour, filtered water, sourdough starter and sea salt. In the people who bake it there's passion and integrity. Together, it’s a simple recipe for enduring quality.

Sonoma Bakery


Learning from the masters

In 1998, Andrew travelled to San Francisco to learn all he could about the art of sourdough. He stayed with Alan Scott, a pioneer of wood-fired oven building. Here Andrew was inspired by the Northern Californian-style of baking naturally fermented sourdough bread, directly on the hearth of a wood-fired oven and he was determined to recreate this in Australia.

His next stop would be Point Reyes in California where he met the maestro of sourdough, Chad Robertson. Chad was baking what Andrew considered to be the best sourdough bread he had ever eaten out of an Alan Scott-designed oven in an outdoor converted laundry.




Named after San Francisco’s Mission District, this impressive loaf is characterised by its golden chewy crust and custard-like interior texture.



それともう一人師事した人がAlan Scottという人。知らなかったんでググったら、