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今日の(チーズ)英語:farmstead cheese

= その農場で飼育された家畜から絞られたミルクだけで製造されるチーズ。

"farmstead"だけだと単に農場という意味だけど、チーズ製造に於いては特別な意味を持つらしい。American Cheese Societyの定義だと、


What is Farmstead Cheese?

In order for a cheese to be classified as “farmstead,” as defined by the American Cheese Society, the cheese must be made with milk from the farmer’s own herd, or flock, on the farm where the animals are raised. Milk used in the production of farmstead cheeses may not be obtained from any outside source. Farmstead cheeses may be made from all types of milk and may include various flavorings.

Cheese Glossary | American Cheese Society