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Fermentology Mini-Seminars

サワードウのRob Dunn Labからまた楽しいお知らせ。


Join us for a series of short talks (20 minutes on average) about the culture, history and science behind the foods you have at home. 

Fermentology Mini-Seminars | Applied Ecology | NC State University


April 16th: Wild Sourdough

April 23rd: Why Do People Care for Sourdough?

April 30th: The Evolutionary History of Bread and Beer Yeast

May 7th: The Fundamentals of Bread Baking Science

May 12th (Tuesday): Tasting Bread

May 14th: The Biology of the Bread That Bees Make 

May 21st: On the Culture of Cheese

May 28th: The World’s Oldest Cheese and Yoghurt

June 4th: A Brief History of Sourdough

June 11th: Baking Yeasts of the Future: Where to Discover Them and What They Can Offer

June 18th: Fermentation in Ancient Mesopotamia, Beer, Bread and More Beer

June 25th: Microbial War and Peace in Cheese Rind Microbiomes

July 2nd: Fermenting for the Zombie Apocalypse

July 9th: The Evolution of Sour Taste in Hominids

July 16th: The Evolution of Fermentation by Primates

July 23rd: Novel Misos

August 20: The Sourdough Library

サワードウに、ビールに、チーズに、ヨーグルトに、oh my! 味噌まであるし😄