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ということで思い出したのがこの「マンデルブロ」。さすらいのユダヤ人言語、イディッシュ語だと"Mandelbrodt" = "almond bread"なんだそう。あ、そういえばこの前行ったWise Sonsで買った中に、

Wise Sons Bagel & Bakery

Babka/Mandel Bread/Rugelach

この時はバブカばかり目が行ってたし、"mandel bread"と書かれてたんで気づかなかったけどこれか!

Mandelbrodt,[1][2] also known as mandel bread in English-speaking countries and kamishbrot in Ukraine, is a Jewishcookie popular amongst Eastern European Jews. The Yiddish word mandelbrodt literally means almondbread, a reference to its common ingredient of almonds. It is typically formed by baking a loaf which is then cut into small slabs and twice-baked in order to form a crunchy exterior. The cookies were popular in Eastern Europe among rabbis, merchants and other itinerant Jews as a staple dessert that kept well.[3]

Its precise origin is unknown, as is its historic relationship with biscotti, a similar Italian cookie. While mandelbrodt and biscotti both consist of a crunchy exterior, mandelbrodt is slightly softer than biscotti due to its higher oil and/or buttercontent.

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