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今日の英語:Mach 5

= マッハ5。英語発音だと「マーク・ファイブ」

The hypersonic plane could theoretically fly as fast as Mach 5, which is just under 3,900 miles per hour.


まあこれだけならあれなんだけど、"Mach 5"と言ったら普通は「マッハ号」w。「マッハ Go Go Go」で三船剛操るマシンですね。

Speed Racer at the wheel of his vehicle, The Mach Five

The Mach Five (マッハ号 Mahha-gō) is the racing car Speed Racer (Go Mifune in the Japanese version) drives in the anime series of the same name (known as "Mach Go! Go! Go!" in Japan).

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