Hole In The Wall


The Midwife and the Baker

KQEDにThe Midwife and the Bakerの記事が。これは良記事。


His bakery's popular "country white" is actually half Sonora wheat. "It looks white but people don't know they're eating 50% whole grain," explains McConnell. 

 おおこれは知らなかった。あそこのcountry white、ホワイトといいつつソノラ麦半分、しかも全粒なのか!

White Country Levain



Sonora whole wheat (16%)

ソノラ麦パン。 - Hole In The Wall



"I've always dreamed of the bakery being a communal spot. We've stepped into a wholesale operation so we're probably never going to have that slower pace but I'd love to be known in Mountain View and surrounding communities as the place you go for bread. Or an espresso and a pastry," says McConnell.

まだ機会がなくて訪れたこと無いんだけど、もともとこの場所、Acme Breadだった所のか。