Hole In The Wall



= lowriderの正反対で車高を上げて、でかいカスタムホイールを履かせた改造車。多分"skyscraper"から来ていると連想。

scraper is an informal term to describe a modified American-made luxury/family car, usually a General Motors model from the 1980s to current vehicles, typically enhanced with after-market rims. Scrapers are popular in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, usually associated with the hyphy music and lifestyle movement.

Scraper (car) - Wikipedia



Ever seen a scraper bike mob pull up to a brewery in Jack London to get a taste of the latest saison? Up until recently, I hadn’t either. But with the arrival of Hella Coastal, Oakland’s only Black-owned brewing company, functions like this are bridging over into the region’s beer culture.

How Oakland’s Only Black-Owned Brewing Company Is Diversifying the Craft Beer Scene | KQED

スクレーパーの自転車版で"Scraper Bikes"というムーブメントがあるんだそう。今度見つけたらこのビールは飲んでみたい。