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今日の英語:curvy women

= 太めの女性(のポジティブな表現)。
けさのNBC Todayはシュワ元知事の元妻マリア・シュライバーがアンカー役だったんだけれど、太めの女性向けファッションコーナーで、

"plus size women"という表現は"curvy women"に改めるべき。


If you are a woman of ample size, what do you think is the correct term for your body type? ‘Fat’, ‘big’, ‘plus size’, ‘plump’, ‘thick’,’ full-figured’? Ok, some might say ‘fat’ is a bit harsh, but it is what it is. According to retailer Sonsi, who specializes in size 12 and up fashion, women of ample size want to be called ‘curvy’. In these women’s minds they are not plus size nor full figured and certainly not fat. Whether they are a size 12 or a size 32, we should call them ‘curvy’. Hmm, OK.

I'm Not Fat! Plus Size Women Want To Be ''Curvy''