Hole In The Wall







We tried milling some buckwheat in our test bakery this morning. Thank-you for inviting us to do so.
What we found is that we could set the mill so fine that after a short time the production of buckwheat flour ceased. The problem in such a case is not that the grains won't feed, it is that the flour particles are so fine that they have formed a film on the stones, making them smooth so that they can no longer grind. So the flour production stops.(This is all explained in your user's manual; I've copied the section below.) 



That the adjustment knob can be too tight is a problem we have heard of just recently, seen in a few cases and are working on. If it is to hard for you to readily adjust we will simply replace it with a unit that has been checked against that possible fault. 

 どうも最近の初期不良らしく、調査中とのこと。で、さらに問題のないものに交換してくれるらしい。なのでこちらの個人情報を返信したら、また数分後にアマゾンからshipment notificationのメールが!!!

こんなに素晴らしいカスタマーサービス、初めてかもしれない。Wolfgang Mock最高!