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今日の英語:Asian Americans

= アジア系アメリカ人

何を今更、だし、最近は太平洋の島国出身を含めてAAPI (Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders)が主流になりつつあるけど、ローラー中に聴いていたKQEDのPerspectivesに出てきたこれ、


One immediately came to mind: service. In 1968, Emma Gee and Yuji Ichioka, my great aunt and uncle, founded the Asian American Political Alliance at UC Berkeley and coined the term “Asian American.” They were social justice activists who promoted equity for people of color.

Zachary Matsumoto: Family History - KQED

"Asian American"という言葉、この子の大叔父・叔母であるEmma Gee/Yuji IchiokaさんたちがUCB在籍時に作った言葉なんだそう。

The term Asian American was coined by historian Yuji Ichioka in 1968 during the founding of the Asian American Political Alliance,[18][19] and he is also credited with popularizing the term, which he meant to be used to frame a new "inter-ethnic-pan-Asian American self-defining political group".[13][20]

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